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Bill Gates History and quotes

Birthday: October 28th, 1955
Commemoration: N/A
Nationality: American


Years Old

Famously Known For

Bill Gates along with Paul Allen formed Microsoft in 1975 which is the largest Personal Computer software company in the world. 

Bill Gates and his wife formed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and run it together. 

He is the chief Architect for Microsoft Company. 

Early Life

Gates was raised in Seattle. His parents are William Gates Sr and Mary Maxwell Gates. Bill Gate’s father was a lawyer while his mother was a board member at United Way of America. At age 13 Bill Gates joined the Lakeside Preparatory School. He was interested more in computer studies, more so Programming. 

 He graduated from Lakeside School in 1973 where he scored 1590 points out of 1600. In 1973 he enrolled at Harvard University but dropped out after two years to pursue business and grow his Microsoft company alongside his friend Allen. 

Personal Life

Bill Gates got married to Melinda French on January 1, 1994. They have three children and live in Medina, Washington.


Bill Gates met Allen at Lakeside School. Through bonding and sharing an enthusiasm for computers they managed to program some basic computer programs. At age 15 in 1970 Bill Gates and Allen opened a company called “Traf-o- Data,” that was based on a computer program that monitored the traffic in Seattle. 

Later in 1975, both Gates and Allen formed the Microsoft Company. It combined both the production of computers and software. Throughout his career, Gates has had a feud with Apple founder Steve Jobs for what could be termed as competition. 

Bill Gates has actively worked to improve Microsoft operating system and this led to the upgrade to Windows in 1985. This was meant to give Apple’s operating system, Macintosh, a run for its money.

In 2000, Bill Gates relieved himself from active duties in Microsoft and handed over the job to Steve Ballmer. Bill Gates then assumed the role of a Chief Software 2006 he announced he was going to focus on the Bill Melinda Foundation which he runs with his wife. 

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