Gustave Flaubert Biography and Quotes

Gustave Flaubert Quotes and Biography

Birthday: December 12th, 1821
Commemoration: May 8th 1880
Nationality: French


Years Old

Famously Known For

Flaubert is best known for his work Madame Bovary, published in 1857. Gustave Flaubert is often regarded as one of the distinguished members of literary realism in French literature. 

Early Life

Flaubert was born in France to Achille Cleophas Flaubert and Ann Caroline. His father was surgeon and was the chief administrator at Hotel- Dieu Hospital in Rouen. His mother was a member of a distinguished magistrates group in Bourgeoisie. Gustave began writing at the age of eight years when he published a review known as Le Colibri. He attended the Lycee Pierre Corneille school until 1840. He was admitted to the university where he studied law.

Personal Life

Gustave Flaubert was in a romantic relationship with poet Louise Colet. He moved back to Croisset, where he lived for his entire life. However, he made frequent visits to Paris, where he had a mistress. 


Gustave’s first published work was November, which was published in 1842. In September 1849, he completed a novel known as The Temptation of Saint Antony. It was until the year 1850 when he began his work on Madame Bovary. The novel was written for five years, and after it was published, it raised eyebrows among some government officials. Flaubert would, later on, be charged alongside his publisher on the grounds of immorality for his work in Madame Bovary. 

In 1862 he completed writing the book Salammbo. His last completed novel was L’Education Sentmentale, which was published in 1869. He attempted writing a drama titled Le Candidat but was not successful. Gustave believed that his work was completely satirical, and as a realist, he did not want to leave any detail to the imagination. Most of Gustave’s letters were discovered and published after his passing.


Gustave Flaubert died on May 7, 1980, from a cerebral hemorrhage while still in Croisset. His works and contributions to the literary world are still relevant to date.

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