Carl Fredrich Gauss Biography and Quotes

Carl Fredrich Gauss Biography and Quotes

Birthday: April 30th, 1777
Commemoration: February 23rd, 1855
Nationality: German


Years Old

Famously Known For

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss is famously remembered as one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived. His significant contributions were in fields such as geometry, geodesy, number theory, as well as potential theory. 

Early Life

Carl Friedrich came from a humble background, and he was the only child to his parents. Even as a child, Gauss’s output performance when it came to numbers could only be equaled to adults. He was also gifted in languages. 

In 1791, Gauss’s teacher with the support of his mother got help for him from the Duke of Brunswick. The duke agreed to fund Carl’s education up to university level where he studied mathematics. He attended his university studies at the University of Gottingen between the years 1795 and 1798. 

Personal Life

Carl married the love of his life Johanna Osthoff in 1805, and together they had two sons and a single daughter. However, their marriage only lasted for four years as Johanna passed away in 1809, and a year later, their last child also passed away. He later remarried Minna Waldeck in 1810, and they had three children together. 


His first discovery that jumpstarted his career was when he discovered that a 17-sided regular polygon could be constructed using a compass and a ruler. Gauss also helped to prove the fundamental theorem of algebra that’s however not acceptable in modern-day mathematics. 

Carl also left his footprints in astronomy by applying his mathematical knowledge in calculating the position of the dwarf planet Ceres. 

In 1818, Gauss invented the Heliotrope, which was used to calculate the distance by reflecting sunlight. The tool helped him and other Danish surveyors in the geodetic survey that was conducted in the kingdom of Hannover. 


Gauss succumbed to a heart attack in 1845 while in Gottingen. He died aged 77.

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