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Alexander the Great - History & Quotes

Born: July 20th, 356 BC
Commemoration: June 13th, 323 BC
Nationality: Greek


Years Old

Famously Remembered For

Alexander III of Macedon (the great) was a military and diplomatic genius having learned under Aristotle. He is known for spreading Greek culture and language to Asia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India.

He conquered nations at a very young age when he was king 

Early Life

Alexander the great was born in Pella region of Ancient Greek. He was the son to King Philip the second of Macedon and queen Olympia. Alexander grew with an absent father who was occupied with military affairs and other personal affairs. As a result, Alexander grew to resent King Philip. King Philip was assassinated in 336 BC, leaving Alexander to inherit a mighty kingdom. 


Alexander received his education under three great tutors. The first was Leonidas of Epirus, who taught Alexander archery, horsemanship and math. However, Leonidas resigned after being unable to keep up with the rebellious Alexander. Lysimachus was hired as the second tutor but was also unable to put up with Alexander. In the end, King Philip hired Aristotle to teach his son medicine, philosophy, morals, religion, art, and logic. 

In exchange for Aristotle’s service, King Philip offered to rebuild Stageira, a town the king had razed down. He would also later repopulate the town by releasing enslaved residents of the town. 

Personal Life

Alexander’s life was largely spent with “companions” at Mieza, which was like a boarding school for the noble children. Alexander married three wives during his lifetime. His first wife was Roxana, the daughter of Oxyartes, the second wife was Stateira, a princess and daughter to Darius III and his third wife was Parysatis II the daughter to Artaxerxes III. 

Becoming the Macedonian King

In 336 B.C King Philip was murdered at his daughter’s wedding festival by Pausanias. By the time, Alexander was only 19 years old, but through all means, he was able to clinch the kingdom by getting support from the army and his loyal mother. In the process, Alexander and his army murdered several people that would make potential heirs. His mother even slaughtered Alexander’s step-sister and drove Cleopatra to suicide to ensure that his son was unopposed in becoming king. 


Two accounts explain the death of Alexander; in the first, it is claimed that he died out of excessive drinking while in the second account, it is said that his death was caused by him drinking a large bowl of unmixed wine in honor of Heracles.    

Alexander the Great was only 32 years of age when he died. 

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